The Best Parallel Space Alternatives in 2020

Parallel Space Alternatives

Parallel Space has been considered as an alternate reality & when it comes in contact with tech, everything changes. Well, Parallel Space is a one-of-a-kind app that lets you run another instance of the same app on your cell phone. In just simple words, you can have multiple accounts (separate) of one app in a single device.

Yes!! It works like cloning an application where you create a clone of the same app; however, using a different account altogether. So, With Parallel Space App Cloning Service, you can easily manage work and personal life. However, one of the significant drawbacks is excessive battery draining. Now, Even if your device is locked, the battery will keep draining, and that’s terrible news.

However, the Indian government has also banned almost 59 Chinese apps due to privacy and security issues. Thus, I think this is the high time we must look for the Parallel Space alternatives in 2020 which work the same but with lesser issues:

Parallel Space Alternatives


Best Parallel Space Alternatives in 2020

Clone App

Parallel Space Alternatives

1st Addition to the list of best Parallel Space alternatives is Clone app which gives you the best experience you can imagine. This doesn’t bother you with any of the ads while using the same. Well, Isn’t this amazing!! Usually, FREE service providing apps spoil your experience with continuous ads, but Clone App doesn’t do that.

Aside from letting you clone your different favourite apps, the application enables you to add outstanding support to your social media apps. Besides, Clone App is power-packed with a VPN as well that adds security layer. Of supporting different themes to various emoticons, Clone App supports you clone apps entirely.

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DO Multiple Accounts

Parallel Space Alternatives

When you are listing down things, whatever comes on the top does have something that no other than has. Likewise, DO Multiple Accounts is one of the best Parallel alternatives you can find on the internet today. Unique USP of DO Multiple Accounts app is that you can create more than two accounts for almost every social media platform.

Well, You won’t be able to feel the difference between the cloning app and the original one as DO Multiple is powered by one of the most potent clone engines. Besides, it helps you manage notifications and enables the Privacy Locker function on the cloned apps. Moreover, as compared to apps like Parallel Space, DO Multiple Accounts works on Lite Mode and optimum battery usage.

Dual Apps

Parallel Space Alternatives

Similar to every other enlisted Parallel Space alternative above, Dual Apps is also FREE. Though, it comes with ads that might spoil your whole experience. With the combination of social media and game apps, you can clone and run multiple instances of the same app on a similar device.

Well, Two accounts are online at the same time, easily switch between two accounts and each account information is managed independently. Now, Make your statement and work version both online, also you can balance life and work quickly.


Parallel Space Alternatives

Not each user is quite comfortable with using Play Store apps as users have had a good experience with open-sourced apps. Therefore in case you are looking for open-sourced Parallel Space alternatives, you must go for Shelter. Special Parallel Space alternative works perfectly for those users who are looking for enhanced privacy.

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One of the great features of Shelter is that it freezes the apps that are heavy and aren’t being used. This eventually helps you save your battery that can be a primary concern while using cloning apps on your device. The extra good thing about Shelter is that the application is free, without ads, and doesn’t track anything you do.


Parallel Space Alternatives

However, it’s still in early stage, and Island is one of those alternatives that will give an excellent fight to apps like Parallel Space. Well, From providing your cloned apps with the privacy protection to runningmultiple accounts on the same device, Island gives you a fantastic experience.

Apart From, Unlike Parallel Space, Island doesn’t drain your system’s battery because of those power-hungry apps. Practically every cloning app helps you hide the cloned apps behind a vault. Nevertheless, Island doesn’t. After all, Island has been considered as the best Parallel Space alternative if you are looking for data privacy as the primary concern.

Final Words :

Parallel Space is an excellent application for cloning apps for multiple accounts on the same device; though, drains the battery drastically. That’s why we studied for the alternatives and found out the above combination of reliability, optimum battery usage, and performance. Follow these Parallel Space alternatives thoroughly and like the most suitable one that’s working out for you.

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