The Best Blogging Platforms Available in 2020

Blogging Platforms

This space-age technology called Internet has luckily given us some fascinating and useful tools to, and Blogging Platforms are one of them. Those platforms have helped writers create, edit, and publish content for the web without hustling between website design and domain issues, creating a new kind of content creators called Bloggers. However, as the Internet has grown, so have these platforms, making it highly confusing to choose the best one to establish a blog.

All other platform has an advantage of its own, intended to lure bloggers towards them, but it is essential to choose the one which is easy-to-use and fulfills blogger requirements. Today, we compare the most reliable Blogging Platforms available for bloggers. All provide a variety of tools and customization options to design a complete blog following your content genre.

Why a Blog?

Many people work a lot between getting a properly designed and coded website. However, the biggest issue with getting a firing site is that it often discourages bloggers from discontinuing. “It is unaffordable”; “I can’t handle that”; “I can’t customize this”; “this design isn’t what I had in mind.” Those are the excuses people give themselves. Exactly why give up?

Blogging Platforms

A Blog is an ideal solution to these excuses. Every blog is no different from a site; the only difference being that the content on a blog can be manipulated directly using a password or username. However, to edit the content on the site, the site’s codes must also be deleted. Therefore, a blog allows you to easily manage and curate content on your blog site without going within the systems and commands, which probably many of you are never aware of.

You can make hundreds of customizations if you have any idea of coding on Blogging Platforms, although you need not worry if you don’t. Make you think a blog is a preferable option? Let’s provide you more reasons to believe it.

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Choosing The Best Platform

Type “Blogging Platforms” on Google Search, and you would meet with uncountable options down in the links. Every one deemed as the “Best Blogging Platform” would be the one Google created is suitable for your blog. Google is Google, after all. But really, deciding which one is best is an incredible task.

All you can do as a writer is going the detailed features of all the platforms, follow them with the requirement of your content and blog, and create a calculated decision. Exactly where do you get all those details? Right here.

WordPress and Blogger: Perfect for Beginners

Blogging Platforms

WordPress and Bloggers are common, widely used platforms. Since both offer free blog creation and curation, freelance bloggers and aspiring writers favor these two platforms. Though, due to plugins, extensions, and extended themes, WordPress outmatches Blogger in the competition. Blogger continues a publishing only platform, allowing the writers to own a simple web template for information sharing while pushing ads for monetization, courtesy of Google AdSense.

Ghost: A Building Startup

Blogging Platforms

The Ghost must be around for almost five years and has already gained the trust of major corporations, Vevo, and Apple. That means this the platform is highly reliable and is functioning at the best possible level. Ghost has targeted only those bloggers who already run an adequately built website over the web with proper hosting. Also, Ghost has set itself up as a competitor replacement against them. That is the reason Ghost does not offer a long-term Free service to bloggers and writers as its the best Blogging Platforms.

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The Ghost users have also appreciated the comfortable and minimalistic design and easy-to-use interface. The Ghost has already made $4M by Quarter 2 2018, which is a clear indication that Ghost is doing accepted by users and is gaining popularity day-by-day.

Hubpages and Medium: The Best Destinations for Aspiring Bloggers and Journalists

Blogging Platforms

Both Medium and Hubpages are open-for-all advertisements that enable writers to publish their stories and work in a journal-style on a stable platform. Although these two platforms do not give the bloggers property rights over their work; though, they give them proper writing credits & an author profile.

This permits the writers to have their published credits and create an online portfolio of their work, So, which is targeted towards a specific niche or just subject of discussion. Therefore, for anyone who wants to skip the blog curation and become straight to writing, these two places have the best items to offer.

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Final Words :

Despite the competition, WordPress will ever remain the dominator, at most limited for the next years, until some other blog grows that bigger with such a vast clientele. Blogger is a beautiful place for the newbies, and it is the best if you wish an early Google AdSense approval. Because Blogger’s work can be transferred to WordPress, there is no stress of losing data on switching platforms.

Medium & Hubpages live independently of the competition between WordPress and Blogger because of their quality as online publications rather than being blog creation and hosting platforms. Notwithstanding its use, Tumblr is not recommended if blogging for you is also a little above fun.


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