10 Best Online Video Converters in 2020

In case you are looking for a portable solution to convert video files, then you should use the best Online Video Converter tools. Then These powerful tools help you convert all significant file formats on all your devices effortlessly. So The best part is many of these tools are free.

10 Best Online Video Converters in 2020

1. Video Converter
2. File Conversion
3. KeepVid
4. Online Convert
5. Convertio
6. Onvico Online Video Converter
7. ZamZar Online File Conversion
8. Free Online Converter
9. SaveTheVideo
10. ConvertFiles

Video Converter

Online Video Converters

Video Convert, can convert your videos online for free of charge. Its supports all major file formats where you can convert MOV to MP4, M4V to MP4, MOV to MP3, MOV to MPEG, and many more. This platform has used to convert over 25 million files until now. It provides unlimited file size for uploading and supports over 190+ media formats.

This Online Video Converter also provides batch conversion of multiple files to save time. So This powerful and free online video editor instantly removes uploaded files once converted files in downloaded by you.

File Conversion

Online Video Converter

Convert File is a powerful online platform that helps you convert all video files into different video formats. You used this Online Video Converter to convert to OGG, MP4, MOV, AVI format, FLV, RAW MPEG, and many more.

It permits you to convert files into a low, moderate, high, and very high quality based on your specifications. So You can even select the video file size for effective results. Convert File also helps you convert audio files or convert an archive when needed.


Online Video Converter

KeepVid Online Video Converter offers reliable and an instant solution to convert videos to all popular video and audio formats in a single click. You can drag and drop files or select files from local storage from your PC. This powerful tool works as an audio converter, MP4 converter, MPE converter, iPhone converter, and much more.

KeepVid is a Free Online Video Converter tool to make sure the best quality after the conversion. It can convert files to over 150 different audio and video formats with no limit on file size, input video quality and also output video quality. Furthermore, you can select video resolution before conversion for best results.

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Online Convert

Online Video Converter

Online Convert is a one-stop solution app for all your file conversion requirements. It works as an advanced audio converter, video converter, image converter, PDF to JPG converter, and also PDF to Word converter. As well For developers needs, it works as an Online Video Converter and also software converter to save time.

So Not only that, but it also helps you convert Ebooks, and works like a hash generator for your next social media campaign. Online Convert supports all major file formats, including MP4 and RAW video footage to deliver effective results.


Online Video Converter

Convertio provides an advanced solution to help you convert files. It permits you to select files from local storage, from Google Drive or Dropbox. You can even take the URL of the video where it will fetch the video content and also helps you convert it easily. While it makes sure fast and instant results, it doesn’t compromise on video quality.

However, It supports conversion on all devices, including Windows, Linux and Mac. For better file security, Convertio deletes all converted files every 24 hours from its servers. So It offers easy customization where you can customize video quality, set codecs, aspect ratio, and tweak other necessary settings. It is the best Online Video Converter.

Onvico Online Video Converter

Online Video Converter

Onvico is one of the best and excellent Online Video Converters that helps you convert videos to MP4 and MP3 file formats. Its also supports all major file formats to deliver accurate results. Onvico Online Video Converter supports over 400 websites to convert videos. So It works super fast on desktop and on mobile devices to present instant results.

You used this tool to Video Converter Online to mp3, social videos online, convert YouTube videos, and much more. It works like a superfast CDN downloader and also online playlist downloader tool. Also, The best part is, it doesn’t bother you with annoying ads, and it is entirely safe to use.

ZamZar Online File Conversion

Online Video Converter

ZamZar Online File Conversion makes file conversion very easy for you. It supports over 1000 formats to deliver the most effective results. Its work in three simple steps where you need to add files from local storage, select the conversion format and then let the tool convert the File for you.

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ZamZar Online File Conversion supports all major video file formats. Additionally to that, it also works as an eBook converter, video converter, music converter, image converter, and much more.

Free Online Converter

Online Video Converter

Free Online Converter, one of the largest and influential Online Video Converter. It permits you to convert files into various formats using a collection of conversion options. Using this tool, you convert the files to some conventional forms such as MP3 or MP4 or even you can convert them to other formats such as FLV, WAV, AVI, etc.

It provides seamless user experience on all devices, including mobiles, desktop, and tablets. Its advanced security features, it keeps your data security and privacy intact.


Online Video Converter

SaveTheVideo this powerful Online Video Converter to convert video to 421+ formats on all your devices. Its support all major file formats, including MP4, MOV, HEVC, AVI, and many more. Also, You can use this Online Video Converter on your iPhone and Android device.

It helps you to convert DVD easily to different digital formats for playback on media or make a backup. It provides different customizable settings to get instant and accurate results. SaveTheVideo also works as a useful audio converter.


Online Video Converter

ConvertFiles being one of the most efficient Online Video Converter tools supports 250+ file formats. Its support all major file formats and helps you convert up to 250 MB files for free of cost. To convert a file using this tool, you want to select the File from local system storage, choose a destination format and then download your converted File immediately.

As well, You can even send a download link to your email address. Additionally, it works as an audio converter, image converter, archive converter, document converter, presentation converter, drawing converter, and many more.

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Final Words :

Now that you know the Best Online Video Converter tools do try them and also share your feedback in the comments below. As well, share your thoughts if you want some additional features in these tools.


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