10 Best Plex Plugins and How to Install Plex Plugins 2020

Plex is a standard media player system and software suite. Previously it was providing various plugins to install new features. Just last year, Plex shutdown their plugin support. Therefore most Plex users don’t know where to download the latest Plex Plugins. Here we are giving away some cool Plex Plugins that you install on your system to enjoy further features.

These plugins play a significant role in providing advanced features to the users. So, From subtitle supports to redirecting Mangas on your Plex server, these Plex Plugins are beneficial. This also comes into play, where the default feature fails to work. If it is streaming live TV or tracking other users’ activity, these plugin works more efficiently than inbuilt plugins.

10 Best Plex Plugins and How to Install Plex Plugins 2020

However the list of plugins is unlimited, here are some great pics that I’m sure you will love to install on your Plex media.



Plex Plugins

In case you want experience lives TV on Plex, this plugin can help you a lot. Then IPTV supports the users to stream the live TV directly to the Plex server. So, Whether it is news, sports, or movies, you will get the complete package of cable TV on your Plex.

Manga Here

Plex Plugins

It’s a new plugin for Manga lovers. So, If you like to read animated comics and mangas, this is must try the plugin. Now, Manga here routes the mangas on your Plex server. Here, You can read the mangas directly on your Plex TV without and disturbance and access to the other manga websites.


Plex Plugins

The FilmOn is another TV streaming Plugin to give you a free experience of cable TV. So, You can stream almost any channels, including sports, movies, comedy, and more. To your Plex. This provides access to every global content as it has no demographic restrictions. Therefore, if you want to see American channels in India, FilmOn is a viable choice. Recognize, you will be charged if the content is paid.

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Trakt Scrobbler

Plex Plugins

Trakt Scrobbler is one of the most auspicious logins of Plex. You wish not to find it on the Plex, but you can download it from web tools. The plugin is handy as it helps the users to track their progress in TV shows and channels. This also provides a rating of the clips. The plugin syncs with your playlist and provides a classification of the most-watched shows and series. So, You can get some problem while using this if there are multiple users on the same servers as it becomes hard to track them all at the same time.


Plex Plugins

Now You can manually track the user if a few people are on your server. However, it becomes a problem to monitor the activities of too many users. Next, Tautulli comes into action. You can instantly watch the watch time and running shows of another user using this plugin to find the bottlenecks in real-time.


Plex Plugins

The IceFilms is the plugin that is a must-have plugin for Roku users. This redirects the shows to your plex servers from the Roku TV. Now, You can also update your email id to get the notification of the latest available shows. This is quite possible that sometimes Icefilms doesn’t work as required because it’s never updated on GitHub.


Plex Plugins

Now, To check on the server or upload content, you have to open a web portal each time. So, OpenPHT is a very intuitive third party front end provider. This is compatible with almost every operating system, like macOS, OpenBSD, and more. Instead of login in all the time, Now, you have to run OpenPHT, which is easy and hassle-free.


Plex Plugins

Well, Imagine watching an exciting series in any foreign language. This becomes impossible to understand any other language. Sub-Zero is a plugin that helps you to generate subtitles for your show. Because sometimes the inbuilt generator fails to show the caption efficiently, then Sub-Zero comes into play.

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Web Tools

Plex Plugins

WebTools, is also known as the unofficial plex app store, is one of the most widely used Plex Plugins. This lets you download any unofficial add-ons for your plex server. Completed WebTools, you can find all your plex Plugins at a single platform. Furthermore, it gives a separate IP, which is later displayed as you enter any applications. Interestingly, the credentials you use for WebTools are precisely the ones you use for your plex server. Hence, you do not have to remember a lot of credentials individually for each account.

Plex Export

Plex Plugins

Plex Export is a small plugin that might be useful if you often share your stuff with your friends. This lets you share your media library without handing over all your private credentials to the other person. So, Plex Export converts the contents into an HTML file, which more contains options such as genres and categories. Therefore, the receiver will get a much-sorted list where he can search via different grades and types.

Steps To Install Plugins on Plex:-

The Plex supports multiple plugins, but you need to install them manually. If you don’t know how to do it, you can follow this quick guide.

  •     1st, download the Zip file of the plugin from the web tools.
  •     Now, Extract the file and copy the plugin_name—bundle folder to the local Plex Plugins folder.
  •     Here, Right-click on the bottom tray and select the “open plugins folder” to access the local folder.
  •     After pasting the plugin bundle, Restart your Plex to enjoy the plugin’s features.

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Final Words :

Hence, here was the list of best Plex Plugins out there to install. Now, Comment the plugins that have amazed you with their features and help you produce more efficient solutions while surfing on Plex.

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