How to Delete Facebook Profile – Tutorial

Facebook is a remarkably popular platform, with over two and a half billion monthly active users. So That is almost a third of the entire planet’s population. However, Not everyone enjoys using Facebook. Many people do not like pervasive analytics and monitoring being run on users across the Internet.

Others do not enjoy sharing posts and photos and have not posted on Facebook in years. For whatever reason, wanting to delete your profile is entirely familiar. This Guide has to cover how to delete your Facebook profile for good—in this article, talking about How to Delete Facebook Profile – Tutorial. Let’s begin!

Deleting your Profile in a Browser :

To delete your account, you need to open Facebook settings. On the desktop web application, you first need to click the down arrow icon in the top right corner and then click “Settings & Privacy.”

Next, you have to navigate to the “Your Facebook Information” page through the navigation links on the left of the page. Now You can start the account deletion process by clicking “Deactivation and deletion.”

To Delete your account, select “Permanently delete the account,” then click “Continue to account deletion.”

Tip: If you are open to the possibility of returning to Facebook Account in the future, or if you want to continue to utilize messenger, so you can instead “Deactivate” your Facebook account. A deactivated account will continue to use Messenger, and also can be reactivated at any time.

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Delete Facebook Profile :

The next page will offer you another opportunity to deactivate your account instead. A link will also be provided to download your Facebook information, such as your posts and uploaded images. Once you have saved any data you want to, and you are sure you do not want to deactivate your account instead, then click “Delete Account.”

The second to last screen wants you to enter your password to confirm that you want to delete your account permanently. Enter your password and then click “Continue” to proceed to the last page.

The final page informs you that will deactivate your account for thirty days before deleting it. During the thirty-day deactivation period, you can reactivate your account as usual. Once the thirty days are up, your report will be permanently deleted and cannot be recovered or reactivated now. To notify Facebook that you want your account deleted, click “Delete Account.”

Deleting your Account on Mobile :

On mobile, the start of the process is slightly different. To open your Facebook settings, you require to click the burger menu icon on the bottom bar, now then click “Settings” under “Settings & Privacy.”

Next, you have to scroll down in the settings to the “Your Facebook information” section and then click on “Account ownership and control.

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From the “Account ownership and control” page, you can also click the “Deactivation and deletion,” after which the account deletion process will reflect the one in the web application, detailed above.

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Final Words :

Alright, That was all Folks! I hope you like this Delete Facebook Profile article and find it helpful to you. Give us your feedback on it also, if you guys have further queries related to this article. Then let us know in the comments section below. We will get back to you shortly.


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