Good Movies On Netflix During Home Quarantine in 2020

At the time the world is advised to stay quarantined for the coming days or probably months, it is becoming annoying for many of us to remain calm at home. However, Social life is already low, and it is suggested to avoid traveling. Therefore, what can one do at home to kill their time even after finishing work from home? Consequently, We thought that the best feel-good Movies On Netflix were a great option to choose from.

We won’t say that you want to roam around and feel bad Movies On Netflix for the full day because that is also not healthy for physical and mental health. Rather, one can also use technology during quarantine for other purposes like meditation, reading books, writing journals, or doing some home exercises. Whenever you are done with all, now we have collated here ultimate feel-good Movies On Netflix. Ready for binge-watching? So, You will probably feel-good after watching them and forget the stress of being isolated.

To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before

Movies On Netflix

Let’s START spreading some love with this romantic and the best-animated movie on Netflix. So, Lara Jean, the teenage girl, is shocked to know that her letters written for five boys she liked at particular points in her life are mailed to the respective persons. The game begins where her simplicity, compassion, and love evolve slowly, and the story takes beautiful turns with ups and downs.

A lovely and heartwarming way to spend your time with this feel-good movie on Netflix. Furthermore, its continuation is also beautiful to watch for, especially if you wish to watch how the story continues.
Genre: Romance
IMDB: 6.1/10

The Little Prince

Movies On Netflix

It is always beautiful to see the animation, whether you want it by yourself or just with family members. The little girl is living with her single mother, So, where her mother plans every detail of her life. Now the story slowly takes the turn when the girl starts speaking with her neighbor, The Aviator Than he tells him stories of his The Little Prince and adventure he once met at the desert, written by himself. Even so, Finding happiness in every detail of your life and feeling good with voiceovers are some of the best things you can achieve with this best feel-Good Movie on Netflix.
Genre: Fantasy/Drama
IMDB: 7.7/10

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Movies On Netflix

Okja The Oscar winner, directed by Bong Joon Ho, Okja, circulates the girl called Mija, who is super-pig is taken away from her by the industrialists. Devastated Mija fight hard in the metropolitan city and does not settle back home without Okja. This story is pretty emotional to watch and melts our hearts to the core. For those who love to be around their pets are one of the best-Animated Movies On Netflix for them to watch must this during social distancing.
Genre: Sci-fi/Drama
IMDB: 7.3/10


Movies On Netflix

It is tailored to sponsor a heartfelt tribute to filmmakers. Hugo twirls around a young orphan, who is continually maintaining an old clock that he and his father used to do earlier. The significant portion movie can be seen shot at the railway station from where the mystery is connected to. Very well, a heart-shaped key plays a vital role in demystifying the scenario, but the ending is merely beautiful to cherish. Like to spend quality time with your kids; So, this is one of the best feel-good Movies On Netflix!
Genre: Historical drama
IMDB: 7.5/10

Marriage Story

Movies On Netflix

Problems in marriage after some time is what a lot of couples are facing every day. This couple in the movie hits the rough argues and patch over demands that would be granted later after the divorce. Of course, they end up parting ways, but the movie sends a beautiful lesson. A good time with your spouse is required, no matter what phase or age of life you are rolling into. It may get your teary but one of the most amazing feel-good Movies On Netflix.
Genre: Drama/Comedy
IMDB: 8/10

The Breadwinner

Movies On Netflix

This is A beautiful but heart-wrenching story of Parvaana that will let you feel lucky to be held at home with so many facilities already. This story sets in the warzone of Afghanistan, wherein stereotypes surround a girl, and she struggles to earn for her family. Her grit and bravery make it a must-watch. You would love to see the voice, animation, and conditions of people who are staying in such areas. However, Feel-good about yourself and praise the effort of these ultimate feel-good Movies On Netflix.
Genre: War/Drama
IMDB: 7.7/10

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Solo: A Star Wars Story

Movies On Netflix

This Solo: A Star Wars Story movie is strictly recommended to all those who admire adventure and action on the new planet. The journey takes you to the criminal and dark side of this world, where Han Solo meets his future copilot. Although We don’t want to lose all the beans for Star Wars lovers here, they can quickly feel good about this Solo Movies On Netflix.
Genre: Action/Sci-fi
IMDB: 6.9/10

Someone Great

Movies On Netflix

Breakups are destructive, but life has to go on! But in case your friends stick with you all through the course, life gets simpler. Apart from Throwing away this message beautifully, we have got you other feel-good Movies On Netflix for you. After the breakup, Jenny moves to a new city but learns a lot about love, loss, growth, and the importance of friendship in life. A must watch for all!
Genre: Rom-com
IMDB: 6.2/10

Julie & Julia

Movies On Netflix

You’d end up saying ‘Wow’ after watching Julie & Julia one of the most amazing feel-good Movies On Netflix. Severed by time and space, Juli and Julia, are confident and passionate about their field of cooking. Based on a real story, their lives are somehow twisted for something good only!
Genre: Drama/Comedy
IMDB: 7/10

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Feeling Good?

We understand that you will feel better after making the list of Best Feel-Good Movies on Netflix. However, Some will make you laugh hard, where others force makes you emotional. Remember, life is a mixture of all these emotions, and you can excel at them with the help of tolerance and some feel-good Movies On Netflix.


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