How To Generate A Zoom Meeting Reports in 2020

Zoom Meeting

Other than multiple features such as screen sharing, polling, and attendee registration, Zoom also provides hosts of the concerned Zoom Meetings to generate specific rereports. These reports are based on a poll or record of attendees conducted on one special Zoom Meeting. These reports receive some information on meeting participants as well as polling results or registration information.
To generate reports onZoom, particular requirements should be met. Let’s take a look at these terms before learning the process of creating a meeting report.

Requirements to Generate a Zoom Meeting Report :

Simply users with a licensed account can use the feature to generate the meeting reports on Zoom.
You must allow Attendee Registration and Polling Feature beforehand to generate meeting reports after.
Just the meeting host can generate the meeting reports concerned with a specific meeting he/she hosted.
All Reports are deleted after 30 days of the completion of the scheduled meeting. So the host must collect them within this time frame.

How to Generate Meeting Reports on Zoom :

Step 1: Sign in to your Zoom account via your web browser.
Step 2: Head to the Admin panel and select Account Management.
Step 3: From the drop-down menu from Account Management, select the Reports tab.
Step 4: You’ll be directed to a new window and under the Usage Report section.

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Zoom Meeting
Step 5: In the Usage Report section, click on Meetings. Here you’ll be able to view registration and poll reports for Zoom meetings.
Step 6: Now, you’ll be directed to the Meeting report tab.
Step 7: In this tab, head to Report Type and select which report you want to generate – Registration Report or Poll report.

Zoom Meeting
Step 8: Select the time frame. This will produce the results of polls/registrations that have been conducted within the specified time range.
Step 9: From the list of results of reports associated with polls or registrations, select the one for which you wish to generate a complete report.
Step 10: Click on the Generate button to confirm the report generation for the concerned Zoom poll or registration in a meeting.

Zoom Meeting
Step 11: Zoom will generate the meeting and will show you the results along with the Meeting ID used.
Step 12: Click on the Download button to download the concerned Zoom poll or registration report for the selected meeting. The file downloaded will be in .csv format.

Zoom Meeting

What Information Zoom Meeting Report Offers?

Here are two types of reports that can be generated for a Zoom Meeting via the web portal, and both have different information to offer:

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1. Registration Report

– Name of the Attendees
– Email Addresses
– Date & Time of Attendee Registration
– Status of Registration Approval

2. Polling Reports

– Username of attendees
– Email Addresses
– Date & Time of Submission of Poll Answers
– Questions & associated answers of Poll Question as provided by each attendee

This data in these reports must be shared carefully over a secure medium. This contains sensitive personal information, and given the security mistakes reported on Zoom, the host must be extra careful. This is apparently why Zoom reports can only be generated over a licensed account and not for hosts using free Zoom services. These reports keep track of people regularly attending official meetings without skip & also save a documented record of any poll conducted to use team opinions.

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Final Words :

Always guarantee that these Zoom Meeting reports are generated within thirty days of the meeting scheduled so that the reports are not removed per Zoom policies.


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