10 Best Free Open Source Software List in 2020

Open Source Software

Our whole world is now digital, enclosed by a myriad of apps and Software and services. We have become so likely to gadgets and devices that we firmly believe we cannot live without them even for a day. (Yes, it is true) Of ordering food online to watching our favorite TV shows and movies, we surely are dependent on technology. So, Have you heard of the name “Open Source Software”? However, you may have certainly used Open Source Software at least once or more. As well, let’s get a thorough knowledge of this term before we proceed towards the software list.

What is Open Source Software?

What is Open Source Software? Also, how is it different from “closed source software,” And any other software? You can consider open-source Software as a collaborative activity where anyone can make changes in the code to make it better. Unlike proprietary or closed Software where only the owners are exclusively provided to make changes in the source code, So, open-source can be easily changed by anyone. Meanwhile, open-source software is designed, the developers or authors make the system available to anyone where people can use it to improve the existing Software, read it, or use it; though, they like.

Whether you need to use a media player, create a document, edit a soundtrack or video, there is Open Source Software available for about anything. Using an open-source tool has many benefits, including better control over the code, collaboration, durability for initiating long-term projects, and many more. Open Source Software can be of any type, including Open Source Software for Windows, web browsing, Android, or any other platform or requirement.

Is Open Source Software Free?

Thoroughly, that only depends on the author or beginning developers of the program if they want to unroll the product on a free basis or if they want to charge users for the usage. However, yes, a majority of people have a wrong impression of believing that all open-source tools are free of charge, and that is not true.

Some of the most famous Open Source Software include VLC Player, Audacity, Libre Office, and others. Open-source tools are available for multiple platforms, including Android, iOS, Linux, Windows, and more. In this post, we have selected a list of the Best Open Source Software of 2020 that can make our lives simpler.

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Best Free Open Source Software List in 2020


Open Source Software

Inkscape is another open-source professional vector graphics editor available for Windows, Linux OS, and macOS. If you are watching for an Adobe Illustrator alternative, Inkscape can be your new change of choice. Inkscape allows you a bunch of flexible drawing tools, supports bulk of file formats, advanced and powerful image editing tools, and many other useful features that are becoming for both newcomers and professionals.

VLC Media Player

Open Source Software

We have all heard of this one for sure! VLC Media Player is one of the most reliable Open Source Software used by a mass audience worldwide. Accept or not, but there is a sense of comfort in VLC’s conditions that nothing won’t ever go wrong by using it. The VLC media player helps almost all video file formats. It is assuredly one of the most popular cross-platform (Windows, Android, macOS, and iOS) media players one can rely upon. Sometimes, VLC Media player keeps on offering new updates and performance enhancements, which does this best from the rest of this media player.


Open Source Software

GNU Image Manipulation Program (GIMP) is next to pop on our Open Source Software list. GIMP is a leading image editing platform that comes loaded with a pack of advanced editing toolset. If you see for a decent Adobe Photoshop alternative, GIMP can be your top. If you are a photographer, graphic designer, illustrator, or scientist, GIMP is equally ideal for newcomers as well as creative professionals from any experience.


Open source Software

Avidemux is a lightweight video editing tool that is available for Windows, Linux, and Mac operating systems. It is one of the most useful open-source tools for video editing supporting multiple file formats, including DVD, MPEG, MP4, AVI, and many more. Although, if you are newly stepping into the image or video editing or if you are a professional editor, Avidemux can be your perfect companion.

Blender Graphics Tool

Open Source Software

Blender is an excellent 3D creation tool that supports modeling, motion tracking, compositing, rendering, and all possible tasks that can be tagged below the 3D pipeline. The next Blender Graphics tool can compete as a long-lasting contender alternative for 3D animation if you have heard of Autodesk Maya. About Blender, you can quickly produce full-length animation films to VFX effects, all for free.


Open Source Software

Next on our list comes Audacity, an open-source digital audio editor available for Windows, Mac, Linux, and other Unix based operators. A bunch of teen volunteers initially develops Audacity, and the Software gets loaded with all advanced features and tools wanted for multi-track audio editing. Audacity supports practically all major audio file formats, including MP3, FLAC, MP2, WAV, and more. Also, If you want to record live audio and make changes to an existent soundtrack, Audacity open-source editor can quickly make the job done.

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Open Source Software

Rediscovering new music with Amarok is a wholly unique experience. Amarok is an important open-source audio editing tool where you can not merely play or edit audio tracks but also search for new music of different genres. Amarok is more similar to an iTunes alternative available for macOS, Windows, and Linux platforms.


Open Source Software

Almost comparable to MS Office and Apache OpenOffice, LibreOffice is another open-source office use tool available for Windows, Linux, and Mac. LibreOffice has a large user community who are continually working on it to make this product favorably with each new update. LibreOffice includes all essential and additional features and also extensions that are a must in any office suite service.

Mozilla Thunderbird

Open Source Software

Mozilla Thunderbird is one of the most reliable Open Source Software which works as an email client for users. Mozilla Thunderbird can serve as an Outlook alternative and comes loaded with a bunch of helpful features. On Mozilla Thunderbird, you can control your entire inbox, receive RSS feeds, chat with your clients, and others. Thunderbird is highly reliable and saves all your emails kept so that you can have the calm of mind.


Open Source Software

Clonezilla is a free, open-source data recovery and disk cloning service tool for Windows and Linux OS. Clonezilla can instantly get you through with system backup and restore disk cloning, image restoring, and more. As well, to secure all your restore sessions and data backup, Clonezilla uses AES-256 encryption as a security capacity.

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Final Words :

This covers our Open Source Software list of 2020. Here were some of the most helpful Open Source Software of multiple categories and genres. Also, make let us know which one is your most favorite Open Source Software from this listing. We would be more than pleased to hear from you.


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