10 Free Music Download Apps For Android in 2020

Free Music Download Apps, Music is a great way to calm your mind and also take the stress out of your life. Most of us love to listen to good Music in our free time or even when we are working. So Music helps some people to concentrate, and some people do it for fun. Although Here, Everyone has their favorite artists, songs, and genres. With the boom in the numeral of people using the internet, listening to Music online has become common.

Best Music Downloader For Android

1. Spotify Music
2. Google Play Music
3. Download Mp3 Music
4. SoundCloud
5. Free MP3 Downloads
6. Audio Mack
7. Wynk Music
8. Frost Wire
9. Jam Music
10. Hungama Music

Spotify Music

Spotify Music

Spotify Music is one of the best music downloaders for Android. So You can be made a playlist of your favorite songs or listen to the playlists already available in the app. It has got a vast collection of songs with different artists and albums so you can enjoy songs of your favorite singer or artist for free. It’s one of the most popular Free Music download apps in the US. Spotify Music has a premium version also. There are many impressive features in the premium version. Well, You can enjoy your favorite tracks without any advertisements. Also, You can save songs to listen to them when you are offline. As well as, the sound quality of the tracks in the premium version is better than the free version.

Audio Mack

Audio Mack is one of the best apps to download the latest songs in 2020. Here you can find the newest albums, songs, playlists, and mixtapes for free. You can stream the newest Music online as well as download them for data-free usage. If you are an aspiring independent artist, then it is the best platform for you to reach a broader audience. You can use this app lifetime for free, or you can go ad-free by getting its premium plan for $1.99/month.

Google Play Music

Google Play Music is one of the great apps to download Music without listening to annoying ads. You can browse songs by various moods, artists, genres, albums. You can be made your collection by storing 50000 songs, and you can listen to them on any device later, whether iOS, Android, or the internet. In the Free Music version, you can find podcasts and subscribe to the podcasts. We can get On-demand access to more than 30 million songs by subscribing to Google Play Music. Once you have reached the subscription, you can download millions of songs and listen to them offline.

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Download Mp3 Music

Download Mp3 Music is one of the most critical data set for free mp3 downloads for music lovers. This application is powered by Jamendo, collaborating with Outly Limited. So Here you will find songs in high audio quality from different genres and moods. Download Mp3 Music robust multi-thread download engine allows you to download multiple songs at a time. You can also find instrumental Free Music from drums, guitar, violin, piano, and many other instruments. Although this Music is not available for commercial use.


SoundCloud has one of the most extensive collections of Free Music with our 150 million tracks and its growing at a rapid pace. So Based on your interest in Music, it gives you recommendations for the next songs you should listen to. You can get different categories of songs like Classical, Rock, Jazz, and you can even listen to podcasts. You can be made playlists for different moods, whether its party or workout. It has got many levels of subscriptions SoundCloud Free, SoundCloud Go, SoundCloud Pulse, and SoundCloud Go+. You can get additional benefits by subscribing to different plans.

Free MP3 Downloads

With Free MP3 Downloads applications, you can download the songs that have a license for free usage. There are too tabs on this Free Music application. One is the Download tab, where you can search for your desired songs and download them from the search results. So Another tab is to listen where you can listen to songs that are downloaded via this application, as well as the songs that are already present in the smartphone. Well, you can use this application as a music player also for your android smartphone.

Wynk Music

Wynk Music is another great Free Music download application for free mp3 music downloads. You can find songs for various moods, genres, or artists. Wynk Music has got an extensive collection of English, Hindi, Old, and New songs. You can listen to songs for free, and if you want to download songs for offline use, you can subscribe to their premium plan. Wynk Music subscription is free for 1st month; after that, you can get it for a very reasonable subscription amount. If you are an Airtel Network user, then you can get a Wynk subscription for free. Another great thing about its premium plan is, you won’t be getting ads in between the songs so you can enjoy Music without any interruptions.

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Frost Wire

Frost Wire is a little different app from other Free Music download apps. It is a free torrent client that allows you to download Free Music, videos, images, documents, and apps. If you are using any other torrent app, then you have to find the torrent file first and download your desired media files. But using Frost Wire’s built-in torrent search, you can search for your desired file directly and filter the search results by file type. You can download entire music albums easily using this application.

Jam Music

Jam Music concludes our list of Top 15 Free Music Download Apps for Android In 2020. Its user interface and functionality are straightforward. You can easily download your favorite songs without paying a penny. It used Jamendo API to provide Free Music downloads to its users. All its Music is available under the Creative Commons License.

Hungama Music

Hungama Music is another excellent application for Free Music downloads in 2020. You can stream your favorite Music online as well as download songs for offline listening using Free Music Streaming Applications. Whether it is Old Classic Songs, International Songs, Ghazals, Bollywood Songs, or Devotional Songs, you can find all of these on Hungama Music Application. Hungama Music’s collection consists of more than 10 million songs so you can find Music from your favorite artists. So You can also discover new Music according to your mood. Instead, you can also listen to radio channels and sing along with its lyrics feature.

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Final Words :

These Top 10 Free Music Download Applications For Android. Some of these apps are free of charge, and some are partially free. Give these applications a try and make your Music downloading experience smooth and clear.

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