Best Colouring Apps For Adults For Recreation in 2020

Filling beautiful colours using your creativity is so peaceful. These Colouring Apps are the bestest catalyst for your peace. Who told you adults couldn’t colour just the way their kids and siblings do? So This is probably the most recreational and stress-relieving activity I have ever seen.

Just now, I saw a webinar hosted by Calm Sage, a self-care site, and their Facebook page, where the host was discussing mandala colouring. I tried it, and also it was so peaceful that I can’t even describe it. I want to share the designs of some of my friends here. Yes, we all tried it together via our group chat.

Best Colouring Apps For Adults For Recreation

1. Colorfly
2. ColorMe
3. Pigment
4. Color by Number Oil Painting
5. Recolor
6. PaperColor
7. Dotpict


Colouring Apps

Thousands of beautiful illustrations await for your colouring scheme with this Colouring App. So The best section is an in-built showroom where you can display your readymade design, learn from others and even share opinions. You would certainly like to meet this community. Interestingly, a great variety of colouring pages are available here every day to keep you busy and calm.


  • Make your colour palette from millions of possibilities. So You may keep these palettes for future reference.
  • Now add special effects to your drawings like Lego, Fairy, Mosaic, etc.
  • It is effortless to save work and also share with your friends through this colouring book app.
    Price: Free; in-app purchases
    Download : iPhone


Colouring Apps

There are various categories for girls and boys based on their most common interests, which is quite a unique feature. Apart from this, familiar images of mandala, sea world, food, animals, etc. could be chosen. You get to pick up your favourite animal and colour it the way you forever wanted to make it.


  • Every image is designed so carefully to let your kids also enjoy the game with you.
  • More than 200 colouring pages are available with this one of the best colouring applications.
  • Special categories like Zodiac, Patterns and Oriental are present, which can be coloured and also shared with your friends on social media.
    Price: Free; in-app purchases
    Download : Android | iPhone
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Colouring Apps

What is the case did I tell you that you get the 1100s of pages and exclusive content from the Jim Henson Company and Disney? Are you excited, right? Twenty-nine different pencils, brushes and markers, are waiting at a single click. Once the drawing is ready, and share it with your friends, even social media pages or print them and hang on your wall.


  • Unlimited colours from oil to watercolour, pastel tools, blur-blend brushes, and innovative control sliders are so amazing to look and use.
  • Furthermore, you will have a realistic experience of colouring with this best colouring application.
  • If You are free to import your image and colour it the way, you want. Now You can make it as your sketch up and start with plain paper.
    Price: Free; in-app purchases
    Download : Android | iPhone

Colour by Number Oil Painting

Colouring Apps

This Colouring App will remind you of your childhood days except the complications are on a higher note here. Of course, you are looking for colouring books apps for adults. So, Colour by Number Oil Painting brings you 500 free images divided into categories like holidays, still life, children, butterflies, food, etc.


  • The shape of the image is coded, and you need to fill the colours by numbers.
  • You have to enjoy new pictures every day, so the stock will never get empty.
  • So, Share your coloured designs with your family and friends on social media.
    Price: Free; in-app purchases
    Download : Android | iPhone


Colouring Apps

To re-energize and relax your mind once again, Recolor has got you 5000 unique images to paint. However, All the drawings are created by professional artists and accordingly present so much detail. Just now, the challenge is to create the best out of it using this Colouring App. In-built galleries can be the greatest help for you in case you are new to this best colouring app and also want to remain stress-free.

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  • Its forms a large community around the world and is considered as the best colouring application for adults. Now, the world can share their drawings, and you can do as well while exchanging dialogues.
  • Before you finalize your art, ensure to add filters and personalize them.
  • So, Share the masterpiece with your friends straight from this best colouring app.
    Price: Free; in-app purchases
    Download : Android | iPhone


Colouring Apps

More of a painting book, this colouring app is running as a smart paintbrush, where you can doodle and draw graffiti. You can make different artworks using kinds of brushes and bring something individual every day. However, You can even choose to draw over a picture by turning it translucent.


  • Handwritten signature pens are available within the Colouring App to Sign your signature at the end of the artwork.
  • So, Your image could be scaled up to possible zoom.
  • When you are finally finished, share it with your family and friends straight from here!
    Price: Free; in-app purchases
    Download : Android


Colouring Apps

Dotpict free Colouring App is based on a different concept of drawing pixel art. These pixels are easy to draw, and your pen nib is not even hidden behind your finger. How cool is this?


  • In case you think it is tough to paint the pixels, well, this colouring app provides you with an option to zoom properly if mistakes could be made.
  • Now Don’t worry if there is a mistake, undo it at the same time.
  • The coloured work is auto-saved and can be shared amongst your friends.
    Price: Free
    Download : Android | iPhone

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Final Words :

Did you alike the list we have shared above? Share your thoughts and colour your designs in the Colouring Apps for adults. Well, let us know how you feel after the final touch?


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