Best Twitter Alternatives Like Mastodon in 2020

Nowadays, Based on the concept of short status updates, Twitter is possibly one of the most popular social networking websites after Facebook. There is no platform like Twitter that shows you things in chronological order so that you are always updated with the newest stuff happening around.

For all being easy-to-use and a powerful tool to reach like-minded people, Twitter struggles with a set of issues like Spam and Fake Accounts, Privacy Issues, Trolling, Hoax News, and Hate Speech.

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Honestly, it Is quite challenging to match the sheer size of Twitter’s users. Almost everyone has a presence on the platform, even if it Is hard, and several people are required to keep an active twitter account for social commitments OR work.

Best Twitter Alternatives Like Mastodon in 2020

We have Listed Some Of The Best Twitter Alternatives that You Can Consider Switching To:




Mastodon A little known social network is quite in trend for the past few weeks. Established Google Trends, search interest around the social networking platform saw a sudden spike. There are many reasons why Mastodon is better than Twitter. So, Mastodon has many servers all around the world, each of them hosting an instance that caters to a unique set of audiences.

Therefore, whether you are a social activist, tech person, or a content creator, there is a server for you at Mastodon. The social networking website is an open-source alternative to Twitter so that you have better control over what you see and also the conversations you have.

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To settle people and thoughts first, Gab is another most suspect Alternative to Twitter. So, It has little to nil moderation policy; Beyond, it dubs itself as a social media network for free Speech. Gab’s moto is ‘Speak Freely.’ The website feels like a combination of Facebook and Twitter, and it gives 300 character status updates. It even offers users the ability to mute words, hashtags, users, and topics you don’t want to see on your feed. does not support ads, so reasonably, it won’t be an excellent alternative for brands and independent organizers who want to advertise and reach the new audience. It is worth noting that whatever post gets many views, comments, and other interactions earn money.



Amino is the best alternative to Twitter that caters to a network of communities where you can discover, explore, and obsess over the stuff you are into. Each Amino (city) has some great people, content, and exciting events. Using this Amino app, you can communicate with multiple groups and stories and share videos, blogs, and more according to your taste & interests. Like old school chat rooms, Amino encourages users to interact via video chats, voice texts, or messaging.

The social media platform is continuously connected to Reddit since both have an online-forum kind of format, but the similarities are limited. Amino has consciously been more aesthetic, mobile-first (has no web existence), and has multiple features to chat, play quizzes, and make it suitable for teens.

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So, Formerly known as Touiteur, Plume is one of the oldest yet first perfect Twitter Alternative. This platform is based on a Material design that looks quite nice. It boasts several features like multiple account support, integration with Facebook, (link shortener), customization options, and many more.

You can change the colors of your timeline, add a Plume home screen, an internal browser, lock screen widgets, and geotagging.The Plume is available on Google Play Store for free, and you can also switch to the Pro version to block all the ads. You can even use this platform to share posts to Twitter and Facebook.

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Final Words :

Therefore, what is your favorite Twitter alternative? Which is the other the Best Replacement for Twitter that we failed to mention? So, let us know your suggestions in the comment section below.


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