Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020 for Creators and Bloggers


If you are inside the zone of quick blogging where text, videos, and images are easy to upload and express your thoughts freely, you must be aware of Tumblr. This microblogging platform was at another level a couple of years back because of NSFW’s interest (Not Safe For Work). Though, the policy change of removing NSFW content has declined the website’s traffic for more than 30%. And now, people are managing for Tumblr alternatives to enjoy the freedom of expression and share the joy of thoughts.

This is the reason we have assembled a list of best Tumblr alternatives below besides social media platforms like Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, etc.! Scroll down and discover the features of each of them.

Best Tumblr Alternatives in 2020 for Creators and Bloggers




While you want to do some microblogging on the recent and trending topics, Reddit is the right place and acts as a Tumblr substitute. Once you land on its homepage, you will be capable of finding the hottest topics, posting comments on them, upvoting, and sharing them on your profile.

The many significant advantages are user-created communities. In case you want to start with a topic that you are passionate about, a subreddit could be created. Now people who follow the same path can join in too. This effects chances of interaction and you are even free to regulate the post views, administration, and other vital aspects. Consider the fantastic new Tumblr alternative!



Typepad is a different alternative Tumble site trusted by the world’s best bloggers in genres like craft, food, style, and much more. Therefore, CSS based themes and support of Google analytics are amazing of the features that can’t be ignored. This even allows the importing of posts from WordPress, making it one of Tumblr’s best alternatives.

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You will get a flash of Twitter while using this App like Tumblr as you create a post here, follow people, and get followed. This is also one of the most significant Tumblr alternatives due to the presence of a large user base who can like and comment on your post.

Furthermore, there are dedicated servers for different types of content to experience a glitch-free blogging experience. No advertisements and no tracking make it excellent for people focused on social media style writing experience.



Why attach to microblogging websites like Tumblr when you can own your website and enjoy seamless blogging? Good, WordPress is a fantastic alternative to Tumblr, which allows a variety of themes based on a different niche.

A custom URL website can be created for or After that, you can enjoy customization at any level using plug-ins and themes. Yep, you can’t make this Tumblr alternative work utilizing hashtags, but SEO, social support, and multi-user support make it various from all the competitors.



This App Launched a couple of years back in 2014, similar to Tumblr has gained its name due to incredible characteristics like low-cost beginner’s plan, custom domain, and access to a plethora of topics for free.

The Tumblr alternative focuses on the content quality, connectivity with the targeted people, and shows page views as well as traffic to the author. How? Bloggers love this platform is advanced features, including scheduling options, ability to share links, and importing posts from other sources. All severe Blogger would like to call Medium as the most useful Tumblr alternative after exploring the features.

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We don’t think you have missed the name of this replacement of Tumblr when watching for a platform to make your name in the world of blogging. Interestingly, you can create 100 free blogs per account and is quite easy to use that even a novice needs no guidance. Once you become started with your blog on Blogger, you can track traffic, page views, detailed statistics, etc. to find out the impact.

You might get a setback here with low chances of customization and themes, though its Google back and AdSense presence makes it a popular replacement for Tumblr. Don’t forget to add an external theme on Blogger to get it more exciting.

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Final Words :

Although Tumblr is hitting a low-point, Tumblr Alternatives are reaching a new height every day. After all, this game and competition rule the internet world. That is the reason that newly launched websites are more running right beside the old rulers.

Therefore, you can scroll up once again to find the one Tumblr alternative site that suits your requirements. Once again, enjoy blogging carefree (or responsibly)!

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