Best Picasa Alternatives To Manage Your Photos In 2020


Picasa one of the most wondrous image organizers of its time and provided other crucial quick editing tools. As well, its discontinuation in 2017 left many of us stranded in the thoughts of Picasa alternative.
Though Google Photos took its place for the following services, all those who wish to try their hands on various other features have got you covered with the Best Picasa Replacement.


Best Picasa Alternatives in 2020



When seeking for the photo storage solution, Flickr stands tall. One of the great photo managers, which is simple to use and even provides photo sharing with others. It makes you find your community whom you can inspire or get motivated by as well. Regardless of how high the photo quality is, the decompress version can even make uploaded well.
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Microsoft Photos


Accessible on platforms like Xbox One, mobiles, Windows PC, and Holo lends, Microsoft Photos is one of the best alternatives for Picasa. You can check your photos, make videos, edit them, make movies, and even create your albums. It is a video editor that allows fine arrangements, including filters, music, video, and text addition.
Further 3D effects like butterflies, lasers, or explosions can be added to make the overall experience exciting—certainly, the best alternatives for Picasa to call for.

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Make some interesting changes in your photo gallery with Photoscape. How? Enjoy seeing your photos through the slideshow. Now you can edit one image or go for group editing. From here, now you can change brightness, adjust colors, make corrections, add text, draw pictures, resize, and whatnot.
Blending multiple images to form one final stop is available, with some animations added. Where you can do so many editions, enjoy this one of the best alternatives to Picasa.

FastStone Image Viewer


In case you think it stays restricted to the image viewer, you need to read ahead. FastStone is also a great editor that comes with sound effects for free. It presents a slideshow, gives the option for quick editing, and offers group editing for various pictures.
Although the interface can be said to be a small cluttered, ease of use and managing suites make it stand aside from the list and known for best Picasa alternative.



IrfanView is one such tool that is important for professionals and supports multiple files and formats to work with. Its basic features include group conversion/editing, directory browsing, painting, slideshow, aligning of pages, etc. It is staying used for photographers around the world to make many changes within.
Enjoy this fast and dense style of IrfanView, one of the most cooling Picasa alternatives to look for today.

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Final Words :

They say that no single App could have done justice to Picasa. However, Google Photos is one such tool, but others like Photoscape and IrfanView are balancing the same level. These Picasa Alternatives will get your pictures to look better in any manner as well as create various other versions like videos, clips, etc. from the same.


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