5 Best Free Background Remover Apps For Android In 2020

It’s Possible To Remove Background From An Image On An Android Device, How? Read On!
In case you ever had a notion that Background Remover from an image can only be done on a PC, you will be amazed. There are some Background Remover Apps for Android that can help you perform the task with utmost finesse.

Ever felt the need to get rid of a shabby background destroying a perfect image of yours? And, that too while on the go. Sure, you must have. Here is the truth – whenever it comes to removing background from images, we instantly turn our heads to photo editing software. Next, we then turn on our Computer, install a bulky and sometimes intimidating photo editing software, and then work hard to get rid of the background.
We feel your pain, that’s why we compiled a list of some of the Best Background Remover App for Android, which will help you get rid of any background from an image in a moment at all. Well, without, further ado, let’s dive in, shall we?

Best Background Remover Apps For Android

1. Slick – Auto Background Changer & Eraser
2. Cut Out – Background Eraser And Background Changer
3. Ultimate Background Eraser
4. Background Eraser
5. Remove BG – Background Eraser & Background Eraser

Slick – Auto Background Changer & Eraser

Background Remover

What about you get the goodness of a background changer and Background Eraser into one application? You would immediately click the install button. Though Mark our words for it, you won’t be disappointed. It is instrumental yet straightforward in the way it helps you remove background images from a picture.


  • Erase any background from image any which way you won’t – go all automated, manually pick areas or even select a particular region.
  • Correct mistakes easily using the “restore” option.
  • There is a zoom, and then there is a magnifying glass that tells you exactly what part you are selecting or cutting.
  • Some tools to select from remove image backgrounds – undo, cursor offset, smooth edges, background repair, etc
  • Easily make mixed photos by superimposing images.
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Cut Out – Background Eraser & Background Changer

Cut Out is not an app that removes the background from an image, but it also helps you to make simple edits to your vision. You have to do all of this and much more with just a finger touch.


  • Precisely select the desired part of an image using the lariat tool and play with the size of the eraser to remove the image background.
  • Easily zoom in and out for better accuracy and undo and redo functionality.
  • Add text with proper adjustment, shadow, effect, and size.
  • Easily superimpose the edited image from an image in your gallery.
  • This app contains any background image presets to choose from as a background image.

Ultimate Background Eraser

Background Remover

With this Ultimate Background Eraser, you can get rid of the background from any desired picture with a mere touch. Some modes can help you become as close to the experience as possible. Like any other photo editing software, you can save the image in PNG or JPG format with this Background Remover for Android.


  • Very Easy to choose images from your gallery
  • Auto erase mode helps you remove background image with one single touch.
  • You can even select wanted areas in an image using the Lasso Eraser.
  • Easy zoom-in, zoom-out and undo
  • Easily share your work on social media or save it to any desired place on your device.

Background Eraser

Background Remover

For a photo Background Remover app, Background Eraser is an extremely lightweight app to have. It’s also one of the highest downloaded Background Eraser apps for Android and has been downloaded over 50.0 million times. It’s as simple as its features.

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  • Easy to use interface
  • Auto mode helps you select and erase similar pixels.
  • You can zoom in and zoom out of the image for more accurate results.
  • Think you have made a mistake? Worry not! Correct it using the “Repair” mode
  • For more reliable results, you can choose the “Auto’ mode.

Remove BG – Background Remover & Background Eraser

Background Remover

Remove BG is another simple-to-use app for Android, which can help you easily remove background from images. You can then protect your final output in PNG or JPG format. Furthermore, you can use these edited images as stamps, make a photo montage, use them in collages, or add another unique background.


  • Pick to automatically erase images from the background using the Auto Erase feature.
  • Quickly restore areas where you think you have wrongly removed a part of the image.
  • Select a careful area for Background Remover using the Lasso Eraser tool
  • Easily undo, redo, and zoom in and out to go more in-depth into the image.
  • You can also smoothen or brighten a picture and even play with saturation, cloudiness, and contrast.

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Remove Image From Background Hassle-Free :

It is time to unleash the secret artist in you. Give all the above apps a go and tell us which was the one that ultimately changed the way you edit pictures on Android. In case you are all tapped to edit images, share this blog with all your friends who are also passionate about editing images on their Android devices.


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